Houses and Places

Places from Massachusetts and travel in paintings and small sketches.
Power1  Powerhouse, Bennington College, watercolor, 21.5" by 29.5", August 2013. Pump2PaintSmall  Pump, Wachusett Meadow, ink, sepia, and white gouache on toned paper, 5" by 5", September 2013 Walled Garden  Walled Garden, The Mount, watercolor, 5 3/4 " by 9', August 2013. Barn Door - Version 2  Barn Door, Wachusett Meadow, Audubon, watercolor, 5 3/4" by 8 3/8," August 2013. RedOak1  Red Oak, Wachusett Meadow, Audubon, watercolor, ink, pencil, 9 by 12, July 2013. bird houses  Bird Houses, Wachusett Meadow, Audubon, 9" by 12", watercolor and white gouache, October 2013
Tractor View  Tractor View, Wachusett Meadow, watercolor,  5" by 7 1'4" August 2013. George's Barn Small  George's Barn, Peacham, Vermont, , watercolor, 10" by 10", August, 2013 Boardman's3  Boardman's, Peacham, Vermont, watercolor, ink, and white gouache, 9" by 12," August 2013. MinesBike  School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, watercolor, 9" by 12," June 2013. WardHouse3  Artemas Ward House, Shrewsbury, MA. watercolor, 9 by 12," June 2-13 HarknessSketch2  Harkness State Park,watercolor sketch, July 2013
STableMt1  South Table Mountain, Golden, pencil and conte crayon, June 2013 Porch Window  Back porch, Golden, pencil, June 2013 HeatherV1  Heather Circle, Pastoral, 9" by 15", May 2013, from photograph HarveysV1-2  Peacham, sketch from the cemetery. 3 1/2" by 12", May, 2013 Palo Alto 2  Palo Alto, gouache and pastel, March 2013 PeachamTreesBuildingWeb  Peacham, Vermont, Late Afternoon
Roseland  Roseland Cottage, 1846, Woodstock, CT Tuesday2small  Old School, Princeton, MA EdsPlaceCropV1 - Version 2  Worcester, Massachusetts VtHouseSmall  Peacham, Vermont ShoalesFlowersWeb  Star Island, NH GoldenPage  Golden, CO
GoldenCard2  Golden, CO GoldenCard1  Golden, CO Oldgraveyard  Holden, MA PatTrail  Holden, MA Wall  Holden, MA barkyard  Bakersfield, CA
VtLandSketchSmall  Peacham sketch Petworth  Petworth, England, from my photo, 2006, watercolor and gouache. BathWindow  Bath, England, from my photo, 2006. Bathbluev2  Bath, blue, 2006 (from my photo) BathSepiaV2  Bath, sepia, 2006, from my photo.