People, 2016

This year I have done few finished formal portraits. The first series below is of my father during the last year of his life. The second series is of my painter friends at work at my portrait group, Again, I have been enjoying working in ink, often sacrificing likeness for expressive line and character.
Serge24April16  Serge, ink. SergeSpring2016  Serge, ink. SergeTransfer1  "Serge," transfer print, #1. SergeDrinksm  "Serge at Restaurant," ink, 2016. SergeJuly2016  Serge, ink, July 2016 SergeAug16a  "Serge, August, 2016," sepia ink.
SergeOct16  "Serge, October, 2016," sepia ink. SergeOct16A  "Serge," ink, October 2016. SergeNovSmall  "Serge," pencil, November 2016 Serge24Dec2A   "Serge, December 23 or 24, 2016," ink on watercolor paper, Serge28Dec3A  "Serge, December 28, 2016,"  ink on watercolor paper. FacesGroupFall2016a  "Faces,"  Portrait Group, ink and watercolor, fall, 2016
LorraineOct16  "Lorraine," in, October 2016. PASGroup2v2  "Portrait Group," ink and watercolor, 2016 GroupBarbDennisSm.jgp  "Group, Dennis, Barb," ink and watercolor. PortraitDec2015v2  "Portrait Group," ink and watercolor, PASGroup3  "Portrait Group," ink and watercolor, 2016 GroupCoffee2016sm  "Portrait, Room" ink,
Jennifer16a  "Jennifer," pencil and watercolor, October 2016. Taina  "Tania," watercolor, 2016 LadyPainting16 LindaSept16a  "Linda," ink, fall 2016. LeonardoOct16 copy PortraitSummer16  "Portrait," summer 2016, watercolor.
Harold2016sm  "Harold," ink and watercolor, 2016. Tom2016Sm  "Tom," ink and watercolor, July 2016. Marie2016Sm  "Maria," pencil and ink. Myra2016sm  "Myra," pencil and watercolor, 2016 MotorCycleLadySm  "Cycle Friend," pencil and watercolor, 2016 MotorCycleL  "Cycle Friend, Face," pencil and watercolor, 2016
Name2016sm  "Name," pencil and watercolor, 2016. Phoebe2016 copy  "Phoebe," pencil and watercolor, 2016 Summer2016Sm  "Anon," ink and watercolor, summer, 2016. Anon2016Sm  'Anon," pencil and watercolor, 2016. Juniper2Sm  "Juniper," pencil and watercolor, johnAug16a  "Youngster," ink.
AlexisJan2016v2  pencil, 2016 RichardNov2016a  Richard, ink, November 2016 Eagle2016sm  "Eagle," pencil and watercolor, 2016 Susan2016sm  "Susan," pencil and ink, 2016. Olivia2016sm  "Olivia," pencil and watercolor, 201 ModelJan2016v1
SargentPrintsm.jgp  After Sargent, MFA, mono print, 2016 ManetPrintsm  "After Manet," MFA, mono print, 2016 DaveJuly16 copy DogMFATransferSm  "Dog, MFA," transfer print. BaileySm  "Busily, Flying," ink, 2016. MouseBrownSm  "Mouse," wood block, print.
MouseReductionSm  "Mouse," wood block, reduction print.