Places, 2017

Watercolors, sketches, oils, and prints. I enjoy working outdoors, both at home and while traveling. This year there are works from Florida, Colorado, Maine, Rhode Island, and other brief stops, as well as Massachusetts.
GoreCreekVail1  "Gore Creek," Vail, Colorado, pen and watercolor, June. MarshmanSmall  Entryway, Marshman Center, Follen Church, pencil, ink, and watercolor, summer 2017 WinchesterCenterSmall  Coffee, Winchester Center,  pencil, ink, watercolor, Summer, 2017 ArlingtonCenterSmall  Arlington Center, ink and watercolor, 2016 and 2017 Version 2  "Trees," ink, watercolor. July 2017. MysticSmall  "Mystic Park," ink sketch, July.
Aububon1small  "Audubon, Pond, oil, June. BoettcherGarden1  "Boettcher Garden," Golden, Colorado, pen and watercolor, June Town Lamp PorchSwingDrawing2  "Porch Swing," pencil and ink, West Barnet, Vermont, October Version 2  "The Esplanade," pen, Boston, July. Version 2  "At the Bar," Concord, pen, June.
Biddeford Bench  "Approaching Rain," Biddeford, Maine, ink and watercolor, May. Biddeford Houses. jpg  "Down the Beach," Biddeford, Maine, ink and watercolor, May. ChapelSpringSmall Biddeford Rocks  Version 2 Newport Yard Sakonnet Poinr  Version 2
Charleston Marsh Version 2  Version 2 Oak2Small  "Live Oak and Pond," oil, Chesnut Park, April. LiveOakSmall  "Live Oak," oil, Chesnut Park, February & March. OzonaShoreSmall  "Ozona Shore," ink and watercolor, April.
CypressPrintSmall  "Cypress" Chesnut Park, intaglio print,  March. CypressWater1  "Cypress," Chesnut Park, intaglio print and watercolor, 2017 PalmsPrintSmall  "Cabbage Palms," Chesnut Park, intaglio print, March. PalmsWater2small  "Cabbage Palms," intaglio etching and watercolor, Chesnut Park, March. 1PalmsSmall  "Palm," ink and watercolor, Chesnut Park, Palm Harbor. 2016 & February 2017. 1OakSmall  "Live Oak,"  Pen and watercolor, Ozona, Florida, 2016 and January 2017.
1PineSmall  "Long Needle Pine,"  ink and watercolor, Chesnut Park, Palm Harbor, 2016 and January 2017. 1CrystalLake  "Crystal Lake," Palm Harbor, ink and watercolor. February 2017. 1TarponSmall  "Train Station," ink and watercolor, Tarpon Springs, Florida. 2016 and  January 2017. BeachLadySmall  "Beach Lady," ink and watercolor on rough paper,  Honeymoon Beach, April. Version 2  "At the Beach," ink and watercolor, Pass-a-Grill, March. BeachLadySmall-2  "Reading," Honeymoon Beach, ink and watercolor on rough paper, 2017
Version 2  "Honeymoon Beach," ink and watercolor, March. FloridaSmall  "Florida," ink and watercolor, February & March. Version 2  "On the Lawn," St. Petersburg, MFA, February. 1Swing  "Swing," ink, watercolor, on rough paper, Chesnut Park, January 2017 Version 3  "The Two Georges," ink, Tarpon Springs, April. Version 2  "Molly's," ink, Ozona, March & April.
1CoralSandSmall  "Shells," ink drawing, February. 1ShellsSmall  "Shells," ink drawing. February. Shells1small  "Shells," intaglio print, v1. February. Shells3Small  "Shells," intaglio print, v3, February Shells5small  "Shells"  intaglio print with aquatint, April. PewsSmall  "Pews, Follen," ink and watercolor, 2016-2017
1SavanahSmall  "Savanah," ink and watercolor sketch, January.