Places, 2016

Most of my watercolors and sketches of place have been taken on site, often while traveling. I have been enjoying drawing directly in ink, forcing myself to commit to what I see and feel.
Tethered  "Arlington Parade," ink and watercolor, August, 2016. MillersRiverA  "Miller's River," ink and watercolor, Royalton, Massachusetts, August. FollenWindowColorA  "Fallen Window," ink and watercolor,  Lexington, September. ArlingtonDuskA  "Center, Sunset," ink and watercolor Arlington, August. CapeMarySm  "Town Green," watercolor, Brewster, Massachusetts July. NickersonSm  "Nickerson State Park," Cape Cod, watercolor and ink, July.
Newburyport  Newburyport, ink and watercolor, June. CommuneSm  Arlington, Broadway, pencil, ink, watercolor, June. BlackCrowA  "Black Crow,"  pencil, ink, watercolor, Arlington, summer 2016 Chippingsm  Chipping Campden, pencil, ink, watercolor, February Aberaeronsm  Aberaeron, Wales,pencil, ink, watercolor, March. AberaeronVillageSm-2
ParliamentSm  London, Parliament, ink and watercolor, March. BiddefordPoint  Biddeford, Maine, ink and watercolor, May. BiddefordHarbor.jgp  Biddeford, Maine, Ink and watercolor, May BiddefordCoast.jgp  Biddeford, Maine, blue ink and watercolor. May. 42QuincyHorizon  "42 Qunicy," ink, October. 42QuincyVertical  "42 Quincy," ink, October.
ArlingCenterSm  "Arlington Center," ink. FollenWindowInk  "Fallen Window," ink, June. FollenPewsA  "Pews," ink, Follen Church, August. SunflowersA  "Sunflowers," ink, Princeton, Massachusetts, August. RedRocksA  "Red Rocks," ink, Morrison, Colorado, September. AirplaneRideA  "Airplane Ride," ink, September.
BelmarA  "Belmar, Sunday Morning," ink, September. BoettcherMansionA  "Botcher Mansion," ink, Golden, Colorado, September. FlowersBelmarA-2  "Planter Flowers," ink, Belmar, Colorado, September. CalicoSm  "Rhinebeck, New York," ink, July. ChathamSm  "Chatham, Cape Cod," ink, July. ArlingtonCentersm  Arlington, Center, ink, June.
SpyPondInkSm  "Spy Pond," Arlington, Massachusetts, ink, June. MarieJoseph  Biddeford, Maine, Marie Joseph, Biddeford, Maine, Ink, May. LondonTheater-2  London, Theater, March, ink, March. BiddefordHouseSm  Biddeford, House on Coast, pencil and ink, March. AberaeronVillageSm  Aberaeron Village, ink, March. PalmHarborPalmSm  Palm Harbor, Palms, ink, February.
PalmHarborPineSm  Palm Harbor, Pine, ink, February. PalmHarborTrunkSm  Palm Harbor, Live Oak and Palm, Ink, February. TarponSpringsSm  Tarpon Springs, Old RR Station, Ink, February. PalmHarbor  Palm Harbor, Florida, Ink and watercolor, February PalmPorch  Palm Harbor, Condo, watercolor, February. Downs  Tampa Downs, ink. February.
MfaDane  Boston, MFA, courtyard, Great Dane, ink May. MfaCourtyard  MFA Courtyard, ink. FlipFlopSm  "Bar, Flip Flops," KickstandSm  Kickstand Coffee House, ink, February. SpyPondWaterSm  :Spy Pond," Arlington, Massachusetts, ink and watercolor, June. VanyaSet  Vanya Set, Ink. Arlington, Massachusetts. June.
BeeSetA  "Spelling Bee, Stage Set,"ink, Arlington, September. Ben's apart  Evanston, Ben's Apartment, pencil and ink, January. FollenPewsSketchA  "Fallen Pews," ink, August. Follen  Lexington, Follen Church Order of Service, ink sketch, January follenfriends  Fallen, Friends, ink sketch FollenChalice  Follen, Chalice. Ink.
FollenLamp  Follen, Chandelier, ink FollenPipes  Fallen, Pipes.