Places--Watercolors and Sketches, 2015

Plein Air watercolors and other sketches. Most of these are small and have been done while traveling--to Europe, Colorado, Maine, Rhinebeck. Some feel like postcards to me, often painted on site, sometimes finished at home. The most recent urban sketches are from my neighborhood in Arlington, Massachusetts.
Play1a  Play Time, Arlington 202broad1  Two Family, Arlington uutower1a  UU Steeple, Arlington diner1a  Diner, Arlington spy1a  Spy Pond, Arlington. chess1a  Chess Players, Harvard Square
busstop1a  Bus Stop hotdogv3  Hot Dogs, Provincetown, MA, October FDRtree1  "FDR Grounds," ink and watercolor, Hyde Park, August 2015. HudsonAug2015a  "Hudson," pen and watercolor, Hyde Park, July 2015. Emily'sFlowersAug15v2  "Emily's Flowers," Amherst,  pencil, watercolor, acrylic, August, 2015 FrenchAngeliqueSunset2015  "Sunset and Schooners,"  pencil and watercolor, Maine, July 2015.
FrenchSunset2015  "Sunset, Maine," ink and watercolor, Maine, July 2015. camdenhouseJuly2015a  "House, Camden," pencil, ink, and watercolor, July 2015. SunriseFrench15  "Sunrise, Maine," ink and watercolor, July, 2015. FrenchLinda2015  "Watching in the Bow," pencil and watercolor, Maine, July 2015. CamdenPort2015  "Camden, Maine," pencil, ink, watercolor, July 2015. 4thReworked2015v2small  "Fourth of July, Boston," pencil and watercolor, July 2015.
WardReworked2015v2small  "Artemas Ward Homestead, Shed," Shrewsbury, MA, pencil, pen, watercolor.  July 2015. RedOakJune15  Red Oak, Wachusett Meadow.  pen and watercolor, June, 2015 Chairs1  "Chairs, Wachusett Meadow," pencil and watercolor, Princeton, June 2015. FenwayJune2015a  "Fenway," ink and watercolor, Boston, June 2015. M&M227sm  "227. Eagle Drive," pencil and watercolor, Golden Colorado, June 2015 PenstemonJune2015a  "Pensemon, Colorado," pencil and watercolor, June 2015.
Prague2  "Prague," pencil and watercolor, May 2015. DogTreeAustria2  "DogTree, Esterhazy, Austria," pencil , ink, and watercolor, May 2015. BudapestMarket2  "Market Door," Budapest,  pencil, ink, watercolor, May 2015. JesuitAngel2  "Angel, Jesuit Church," Vienna, pencil and watercolor, May 2015. Wall6Aprilsmall  "Stone Fence, Snow"  Wachusett Meadow, pen and watercolor. April 2015. WachBarnApr2015  "Wachusett Meadow Barn," pencil and watercolor, April 2015.
FrogBoulder1  "Playground Frog," Boulder Colorado, ink, June 2015. Mary's2015a  "Living Room," pencil sketch, March, 2015