Prints 2015

I took a beginning printmaking class at the MFA during winter 2015. These are some prints I did to try different approaches to printmaking. All but "Pike" are based on the "Boardman House" in Peacham, Vermont, a watercolor I did in 2013.
  • BoarmanMonoSmall  House7, monoprint, March
  • BoardmanRoofsmall  House6, collograph, March.
  • BoardmanRoofWaterSmall  House6a, collograph with watercolor, March.
  • BoardmanScreenV1  House5, collograph, paper, screen, string, cloth tape, ink, February.
  • BoardmanScreenV2  House5a, collograph, paper, screen, string,, cloth tape, ink, February.
  • BoardmanCollograh1  House4, collograph, paper and ink, February.
  • BoardmanCollagraphWaterV1  House4, collograph and watercolor, February.
  • BoardmanDryFeb15  House3, dry point on plexiglass, January.
  • boardmanprintwatersmall  House3a, drypoint with watercolor, January.
  • BoardmanDoorJan15a  House2, dry point, lexan, January.
  • BoardmanGreenJan15a  House1a, styrofoam, relief, January.
  • BoardmanBlackJan15a  House1, styrofoam, relief, January.
  • Boardman's2  Boardman House, watercolor, 2013.
  • PikeSmall  Pike, transfer print plus watercolor with masked shapes.  March